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ADP Eat Produce. How many servings do you get a day? Explicit content this week because I was reading a buzzfeed list at the end. Start drinking water early on in the day.

Did you find something out about yourself when going through this exercise? Let us know what you think. Also, how to setup yourself up to dominatetheday right after waking up.

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ADP Food as an Experience. Food can be more than fuel. We cover a LOT here. Listen for your name because you might have been volunteered to run a race or host a podcast. We talk about deviating from a main podcast format, Gary documenting his return to the gym and gush about bronc How do you prepare for a week of eating at the office? Nikki tells us about her vacation and we talk about how to setup a workout routine after life has gotten in the way.

We want to know your first internet screen name. Love yourself.

We hit on that multiple times, among other weight loss topics today. Chat with Dr. Cecily Ganheart aka thefastingdoctor.

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Intermittent fasting IF , having an informed conversation with your healthcare provider, individualizing your weight loss process and the importance of mental health are just some of what we chat about. Does this sound familiar?

5 Reasons Why Buying Indexed Universal Life Insurance is a Bad Idea

We geek out on social media strategy for most of this episode, then have a question for you if you like that sort of thing. This is what everything boils down to. This is how you adjust and move on. The process ends up leading to many of the outcomes anyway. We finally got around to doing a weight loss episode!

Keep an Eye on Sodium. This episode might surprise you. Have you taken steps towards it yet? Spread the importance. Instead of jumping into something restrictive, try this. We had a LOT of fun this week. What have you learned so far in ? ADP When it comes to weight loss This is a deep but honest episode.

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We were originally going to do a resilience episode, but Beau took things in a better direction. Be a Fan of the Person in the Mirror. Do you weigh in weekly? The actions between the two do. Transforming From The Inside Out. We start out lite, then get pretty deep on happiness and self reflection. RAF Erin aka southernmama. We talk about how the music industry has changed and the thought process around getting a message out in How are you preparing for the upcoming week?

Getting rid of perfectionist tendencies. My Food Hangover Thought Process.

Stop looking at the general weight loss community for answers, when all you need is in your head. Practice Preferences. Send us a group DM on IG. Feeling pressured by the weight loss process?

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Try this. Of the three, my personal opinions are least important. Heavy episode with a fun question of the week. Always have been. Always will be. RAF Joey aka joeylosingweight. The weight loss journey has really clicked for Joey this time around. Chat with Glenn aka realgrod. Mindset, making a comeback and the importance of mental health are some of the topics we cover.

RAF Zach. Zach is a marathoner that just happens to have Cerebral Palsy. Sneaky Diet Culture. Shoutout to Amber for providing this topic. Skill development is about repetition. The rules of the game are different than you may think. Have you thought about working with me? One of these options will probably sound interesting. Big thanks to Ella for suggesting this topic.


Keeping the scale number in check. How often you should weigh in really depends. Mind leaving a review? Thank you for making this podcast what it is! Just stop it. It will always be a part of who you are Not really a clear topic, just some thoughts as I watch this again. Acknowledging how emotional this process is can be a huge unlock. RAF Nikki aka bronc Nikki tells us about her decade long weight loss journey, how long it really takes to change your mindset and how she has handled some life changing events.

RAF Crystal aka reducedfatmomma. Easier Said Than Done. We chat about early memories of being self conscious, wanting to blend in and building friendships through social media. RAF Kaitlin Renee. Kaitlin shares her experience dealing with depression and removing the stigma around mental health. When Should You Consider Supplements? Are you sharing your life or living your life on social media? What Labels do you give yourself? What makes coaching with YLF different? RAF Megan Kane. RAF Willie Gillis.

Willie likes to challenge himself regularly and try different things. RAF Emily aka emisthebiggestloser. Stop Diet Culture. Thanks to Christie for this topic idea. RAF Daryl Perry. Where Resilient AF came from, how you can be a part of it and my resilience story. Podcast Directories Are Search Engines.

What is marketing, why small business owners should put out daily content and what stops most from doing it are just some of the topics covered in this episode. Why do we automatically always think we should be doing more? How to lose weight and keep it off. This is all it takes.

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  • Markiert für immer: Von Herrinnen und ihren Sklaven (German Edition).
  • Are Quick Fixes Bad? Thank you to Amanda for coming up with this topic. Wanting to Inspire Others? It all comes back to the story being told in your head.