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Stay true to who He made you.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tamara. I love how you shared the correlation of being true to His design when we stay authentic. Clearly, the authenticity keeps us grounded and closer to His heart and with that our ability to touch others lives is exponential. Blessings to you! I try to be authentic at all times as well.

I think there is something significant that transpires as we age and grow in wisdom, we can become more confidant in who we are and the need for the veil is removed.


There is an almost instant connection between like-minded individuals where this truth can be recognized almost instantly, and that, I think, opens the door to what the true meaning of fellowship really is. Thank you for visiting. Being true to yourself helps keep you true to others too. I agree that we have to be true to ourselves, or we will find that we are miserable and missing out on the beauty and freedom in transparent living.

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Thanks for stopping by! Thanks Jenny! I am thankful you stopped by and spent time sharing a thought. I agree that it is hurtful when we are real and it is not reciprocated. For me that lies in the expectation that if I am then others will be. I am learning how precious it is when that kindred heart is found and the fellowship that is a result of that. I came to a place a few years ago where I decided to just be real. It has been such a blessing to be able to reach out to others because you have revealed your vulnerabilities and it also encourages them to open up and share their burdens.

Thanks for the encouragement and charge. Great post. It is so hard to find or even be an authentic person!

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It is something that you really have to strive towards. Jesus is definitely the ultimate example, and I work towards that everyday. Hi Ashley! With Jesus as your guide, you have the very best example! Praying for you to be surrounded by wonderful encouragers who see Jesus in you and remind you of that. Thanks for stopping and for sharing.

I love this! The verses were great. I am surrounded by a lot of people who are fake, and sometimes I think I fall into that as well. I need to get better about this. Thanks for sharing!

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I am so glad you visited, Ali. I think we all need to get better about this process. Praying you will be encouraged each day to remember how much you are loved and valued just by being you! What a thoughtful post. It sounds very simple and I wish it was. I agree, it is a delicate balancing act.

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  • I have found though, that we I begin to look at others through the grace God has extended towards them, that even when I am honest, they receive it. Proverbs talks about the counsel of a wise man drawing forth understanding. Praying today you can be encouraged in the gift God has placed in you, to be authentically beautiful you! Thanks for visiting Journeys In Grace.

    As Dr. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. People are ready to sue others or get authorities involved for offensive behavior, because being authentic can offend other people.

    The few friends I have are the same as me. The jobs that I had previously have appreciated my authentic personality and was used to get honest opinions. Thanks for sharing is great post. Absolutley Dory! Without Him, our mountains loom largeā€¦ but with Christ all things are possible! Hi Dawn, this is a very well written post on authenticity. I feel that I am a very authentic person. I became an overcomer many years ago due to a broken heart.

    It caused me to change my life around, to seek a better life that would bring happiness and fulfillment. I read the Bible, was born again and baptized. They would in fact be like Jesus. So thankful you were able to overcome the pain you experienced. I am even happier to know you found the Lord. All those wonderful things you learned in your journey are the tools that make your authenticity even more appealing. Thanks for stopping by. Dawn, This post really hit home. My last day at my old job was yesterday. That was just one of the reasons, that I decided I could no longer work there.

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    If you are truly living what you believe it will show. Thank you for reminding me to live everyday based on being authentic and not hiding. I have been hiding for a lot of years because of fear and lack of confidence in my abilities, thus someone capitalized on that for their own benefit. I am praying for the perfect job to come your way!

    He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. Hebrews Thank you for visiting my blog, and for sharing a comment. I appreciate your time. This was a very thought provoking post. I thank you for that. Authenticity is definitely something I strive to be every day, but there are times when it is hard. Like you, I am a perfectionist and I think sometimes that takes away my authenticity. I really enjoyed this post.