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Lada: The People's Car - Russia On Four Wheels - BBC

More of a carousel ride than a big dipper. The troops are getting restless as the terrain is not providing enough entertainment.

Four Wheels of Success

Puck who is sitting in the front seat of the lead vehicle and therefore sees himself as some sort of Lieutenant is singing inaudibly into the walkie-talkie. Eventually we arrive at a clearing and each regiment is stood down while the two Generals discuss the next plan of attack.

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I separate from the platoon in order to have a bush pee. While I am performing that I realise why the landscape looks familiar — it reminds me a bit of the film Deliverance.

What Actually Makes a Truck Good Off-Road

A shudder goes down my spine and I nervously listen out for the sound of squealing pigs and zip up as quickly as I can, rejoining the others. We cross the highway and head down the Big Creek track. After a couple of hours we decide to finish up. I sense that as far as the generals are concerned, the tracks have proved a little disappointing today.

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With no phone coverage, I now understand the sense in travelling in groups and having the basic necessities in case of any problems. More to the point and something which we should be even more grateful for, we found our way out without bumping into any cross-eyed boy playing a banjo.

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All About Front-, Rear-, Four- and All-Wheel Drive

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