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Bob Quinn and his wife, Helene, live year-round on Eagle Island, the only year-round residents left on this island that once housed many working people.

He tells stories in a Downeast accent. For the past 30 years, he has led the Whole Health Center, teaching meditation, tai chi, qi gong and other forms of healing, as well as writing poems daily.

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Each of the poets will read for about 15 minutes. The program is free of charge. Everyone is welcome. A verbal canvas of preteen days spent on commercial fishing boats with earthy Sicilian fishermen, to late night summer stickball games on steamy Brooklyn streets, to waffle Wednesday dining with elementary school friends, and to savory spaghetti Sundays surrounded by family.

Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul.

A pendulum that swings between the memories and experiences of family members and our engagement with the natural world. In this collection there are eighty nature and humanistic poems that honor the memory, pay tribute to, and sanctify the lives of loved ones. Chronicles of Humans With Nature.

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Concise and lyrical poems result from Bennett's explorations, observations and meditations, coupled with his rare perspective. Hike On.

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Poems from. ISBN: hard cover. ISBN: 76 pages. Moments of Surrender. Tanya Jones. Far From Home. Selected poems by.

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Web View Mobile View. Wolf Moon Down by Sarah J. Add to cart. Encore Seasons by Thomas Peter Bennett. Parables of Passages by Carol Leavitt Altieri.

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Poems by Richard Taylor. Brooklyn Birth: Sicilian Soul by F.

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Anthony D'Alessandro. Hike On by Thomas Peter Bennett.

Moments of Surrender by Tanya Jones.