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It turned out great. Made this for the first time today. It was easy to make and came out great, Absolutely delicious! Can you make this a chocolate buttercream? If so how much chocolate?

Would you use cocoa or melted chocolate? Also, can you use it for piping decorations? Thanks, Nancy. Hi — we usually make separate batches instead of doubling the recipe. Seems to turn out better that way. Made this for icing 5 cakes for a bake sale.

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Lovely frosting. Result was a whipped cream feel that was excellent for the banana and carrot cakes. I used a pinch of butter flavoured salt and a little extra vanilla extract.

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I did not use the full amount of milk asked for because there was moisture in the Becel margerine and extract. Perhaps the person who wrote to say that the icing was too thin used margerine and that is why. If using margerine make sure it does not say light margerine beause they whip water into it. Ever have soggy toast after putting light or whipped margerine or butter?

The water In your spread is why this happens. Hi, this the was the easiest receipe I have found. I am just wondering how long any unused icing will last? Really easy to follow directions and it tastes great. So easy even a guy can do it. Hi Melissa, I always use the paddle attachment.

From Buttercream to Ganache

I find that everything gets stuck in the whisk attachment in this recipe. It is the difference between volume capacity and weight mass. You should wait to add the milk until the very end after the frosting comes together. Only add a little bit of milk at a time. Sometimes just a splash will do it.

Hi, I was just wondering if this would work if I used it to connect cakes and layers together? Really great. This reminds me of my moms homemade icing.

Quick and Almost-Professional Buttercream Icing Recipe -

Am going to try other flavor extracts. I passed out the cup cakes to my neighbors and they loved them, asking for more! Living in Arizona, I usually put my mixing bowl in the freezer for a few minutes when making frosting and I used half and half in place of the milk just because I was out of milk.

Thank you for sharing your recipe. Is there any way to make this more moist? It pipes very smooth so I wish to keep using it but would like it to dry not so hard and flaky. Hi Brandy, you can add a little tiny bit more milk and maybe mix it a little longer. Hopefully that will help with the problem,. Touched that so many bakers are enjoying the simplicity of this but also how delicious it is!

I just made this and added some freeze-dried strawberries to make strawberry buttercream and a beautiful pink without chemical colors. Can a sugar sustitute like Splenda or Stevia be used? If using a sugar substitute, should any adjustments be made to the other ingredients? I did a quick search on Pinterest and there are a bunch of frosting recipes there with Stevia as an ingredient. Good luck! My question is; if you have done this, what do you recommend the day of when getting ready to decorate?

My intention is to pipe something rather meticulous should I let the BC come to room temp? First of all, happy 2nd birthday to your daughter. Yes, take it out first thing in the morning so it can come to room tempreture and then whip it up a little before using. My first attempt at making home made buttercream frosting was a success.

Frosting Flavor Guide

So delicious and rich. Wondering if I could make this frosting ahead of time and leave in frig? How long will it stay good in frig and still be delicious on the cake? Want to ice the cake when I make it a couple of days later. Thank you for this wonderful recipe. Perfect sweetness and oh so smooth. This is now my go to buttercream frosting. I would like to make cheerwine buttercream frosting. Cheerwine is a cherry flavored soda, unique to north Carolina.

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Any ideas. Hi Beth, I would use the cheerwine instead of the milk in this recipe. Start with a couple of teaspoons and then add more till you get the right taste. If it gets too runny add another cup of sugar. Also, remember the flavor of the cheerwine will develop overnight. You might also reduce the soda a little so its a bit more syrupy.

That will intensify the flavor without making your frosting too watery. Should I use all almond extract or a combination of vanilla and almond? Just made the frosting and used about 2 teaspoons vanilla AND 2 teaspoons almond extract, 2 Tbl milk.

Perfect Silky Smooth Buttercream Icing - Vanilla Buttercream Recipe - Easy Buttercream Frosting

It tasted great in the bowl before I washed it. The vanilla and almond seem to work fine together. Start with 1 teaspoon of each and then adjust to taste. I have always loved a hint of almond in butter cream frosting. I also used unsalted butter instead of salted. Hi I am looking at making this frosting to coat a cake and then put fondant over it. It will be a two layer 8 inch round pan cake, and I was wondering if I should half this recipe.

Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

I have this and the peanut butter variation and they both worked out splendid! I love this recipie and will always try to make this instead of buying store made frosting! Away with that dreaded stuff! Hi — a half recipe might not be enough it would really depend on how much you put between the two layers. Glad you like the frosting as much as we do! Should I freeze it or just refrigerate it? Is it OK to store it putting it in the plastic sleeves keeping it sealed or will I need to beat it up again to fluff it up before putting it on the cupcakes?

Hi Vanessa, if it is just a couple of days, the refrigerator is fine. You could store it in the piping bags you will just need to let it come to room temperature before using it.

Homemade Icing

Thank you so much for the butter frosting recipe!! I made this with my daughter and her girlfriend last night!! I used the real butter and yes it does make a difference!! I made sure to not add the milk until last to see the consistency and tasted first. I added about one tablespoon.

It came out rocking! I had the girls put the mixture into the refrigerator after it was nice and fluffy to get it to set a bit before spreading. I love this recipe and wanted to say thank you for the post..