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Why are they there? What do they need? Be specific in your answers. You are the most nervous right before you speak. What if I fail? Remind yourself that you are here to help your audience. Be firm with your brain. It is about helping my audience. One of the biggest mistakes we make is speaking to people as a group.

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We scan the room — trying to look everyone at once — and end up connecting with nobody. In reality, each person in the room is listening to you as an individual. And so the best way to connect to your audience is by speaking to them as individuals.

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By making sustained eye contact with one person per thought. Each thought is about one full clause. By focusing at one person at a time, you make each person in the room feel like you are talking just to them. This is hard. We are accustomed to scanning the room. Making direct eye contact can feel uncomfortable at first. Yet, as you practice it more, it will actually make you less nervous. It is far easier and more effective to have a series of one-on-one conversations than it is to speak to everyone at once.

How I (Finally) Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking

When my clients use this technique more than three consecutive times, they almost always report a decrease in speaking anxiety. Note that the most important people to look at are those who are at the far edges of the room. These are the people who are already at a disadvantage. By being extra generous to those at the edges of the room, you bring everyone in. Instead of believing the presentation is about you, remember it is about your audience and what they want to gain from listening to you.

Think back to when you were in school. There always seemed to be two types of students.

7 Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

The first type attended class routinely, took prudent notes and reviewed the information frequently, and seemed cool and calm on test day. The other type of student had inconsistent attendance, note taking and reading. This same scenario holds true for public speaking.

To practice communication skills that will strengthen your influence as much onstage as off, consider these tips:. Before your next presentation, make it about your audience. Ensure you meet their needs and use their time wisely. Prepare and practice your communication skills daily so that when you step into the spotlight, you provide your message in a manner that is consistent with your communication style.

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  • If the thought of public speaking makes you panic, remember these two crucial things. Does the thought of public speaking make you panic? Only you know your material, and only you will be aware of any mistakes. What matters most is that your audience hears the information in such a way that compels them to act upon it. They are giving you their time, and you want them leaving the room feeling it was time well spent.

    They deserve the best you. When your audience steps into that room, they trust that by giving you their time, you will give them information to help them meet their needs.

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    They expect you to know your information and be able to deliver it in a way that is understandable and free of distraction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT is useful because it helps an individual to effectively manage her symptoms. People with glossophobia also may benefit from anxiety management and relaxation techniques, and a combination of several treatments may be recommended.

    Be prepared. If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking, get yourself organized ahead of time. Try to visit the venue where you will be giving your talk, and carefully review any and all equipment beforehand. And learn all you can about your topic well in advance. This makes it less likely that you will say something incorrect or go off track.

    If you do stray slightly, knowing your topic well will increase your odds of recovering quickly. Practice makes perfect.