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They have shortish black beaks and black legs.

Their irises are greyish white adults or grey-blue juveniles. Jackdaws are very sociable, and their flocks have well-defined hierarchies.

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Pairs tend to stay close together within larger flocks. Licence: CC 3. Hooded Crow, Raven, Rook,.

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JavaScript is required. They eat a wide variety of plant material and invertebrates , as well as food waste from urban areas.

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Jackdaws are monogamous and build simple nests of sticks in cavities in trees, cliffs, or buildings. About five pale blue or blue-green eggs with brown speckles are laid and incubated by the female. The young fledge in four to five weeks. In his book King Solomon's Ring , Konrad Lorenz described and analysed the complex social interactions in a Jackdaw flock which lived around his house in Altenberg , Austria.

He ringed them for identification and caged them in the winter to prevent their annual migration.

Identifying Corvids - Crow, Chough, Jackdaw, Rook and Raven

Lorenz found that the birds have a hierarchy , with higher-ranked birds dominating lower-ranked birds. Pair-bonded birds share the same rank.

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Unmated females are the lowest members in the pecking order, and are the last to have access to food and shelter. This female immediately assumed a dominant position in the social hierarchy and demonstrated this by pecking others.

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According to Lorenz, the most significant factor in social behaviour was the immediate and intuitive grasp of the new hierarchy by each bird in the flock. To help populations of all our birds, The Wildlife Trusts are working towards a 'Living Landscape': a network of habitats and wildlife corridors across town and country, which are good for both wildlife and people.

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You can support this greener vision for the future by joining your local Wildlife Trust. Home Jobs Contact Us. Jackdaw Corvus monedula. Wildlife Birds Crows and shrikes Jackdaw.

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