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Then I saw her face…now I’m a believer.

Annie Davis was shocked when she was told she had been inseminated with the wrong sperm which of course belongs to a Billionaire who insists he wants to be in her life a She's in her fourth year of university planning to become a doctor. Ray is ext Of all the things I have imagined, I never thought something like this will turn out in my life.

I walked into another world where cameras were flashing, people were Saved by a gang leader by KirstyRea K 3. I end up in an alley way, I hear shouting and immediately stop once I see where it's coming from. Three men, two beating one up that is lying on the ground being kicked His Favorite Dessert by Kreyol Goddess After two years in a relationship with her boyfriend Melvin , Jayla discovers everything she thought she knew was true and real has been a lie. She flees to paradise on A young girl named Nyema is a sex slave, forced into the business by her drunk, drug-addict father.

13 Happy Couples Reveal the Sweetest Love-at-First-Sight Stories You'll Ever Hear

She is a sweet 17 year old girl who is going to be sold to a thug. After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal j Spitfire in Love by Isabelle Ronin 9. An Amazon Best Book of the Month. Links on m You Smell Like Mine Book 1 in Now, she is heading off to college. How long will it take to Slowly he started coming inside, and eventually became our little dude. All these beautiful stories here fill up my heart. My dog and his brother were tiny little puppies when they were rescued from under an abandoned trailer in a rural trailer park in Alabama.

Interracial Marriage: A Love at First Sight Story

My husband woke me up in the middle of the night to see the photo of these two cute puppy faces on the dog rescue website and there was no going back. We met them a few weeks later after their cross-continent flight and a bath, and they were so inseparable that my in-laws adopted his brother so they could visit each other all the time. I always identified as more of a dog person; cats and I just did not get along. The one time I cat-sat for a friend in college, the cat either ignored or tormented me by peeing on the couch, howling in the middle of the night and not coming back inside in the evening.

I was playing the role of mediator as they argued about whether to keep their cat once their twins were born.

Simone won and Ira stayed, but as the months passed, Ira spent more time in the closet hiding from the babies and John and Simone had less time for him. We broke things off and begun the hard, slow process of uncoupling. I also changed jobs, apartments and, after a wonderful trip to Berlin, am considering changing cities. John was cleaning the Baby Breza we always joke about how our cleaning and visiting schedules are synched and Ira was meowing loudly. We all thought about it a bit more, no one changed their minds, and, after I got back from my trip, Simone came over for the weekend with Ira.

After an hour underneath the toilet, he decided he liked my apartment and me. Our dog came from a breed-specific rescue. The director of this organization is amazing at personality-matching dogs and humans. You fill out an application about what you imagine your day-to-day life with a dog to look like, and then you meet several dogs they think fit that description. He was in a pile of puppies, and he was the only one who would wake up to play with me.

Twenty years ago while driving home, my wife and i we in a argument and not talking. I open my door to oblige then i opened up the back door of the car and she jumped in. And the rest was history. I met my beautiful cat Annabelle when she found me grilling in my yard. She was so thin and starving. I fed her and she came daily for 2 weeks. Then in petting her stomach I noticed she was a Mommy. I believe someone dumped her off in the country because of her pregnancy.

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She took me to a huge brush pile in an empty lot, gave a weird meow and up popped 2 little heads. It took me 8 weeks but I finally got them all. They became my lovely pets. She was 21 years old and only ill for 1 week, but they gave me a lifetime of love and happiness. I miss them all so much but cherish the memories. I love this! When my daughter was 14 she went on a mission trip to rural Tennessee.

The house they were helping make a wheelchair ramp for had puppies. And no No-Kill shelter. She begged us for 4 days before my husband relented and let her bring the puppy home with the idea that we would take him to a no-kill shelter here. She arrived with the cutest tired, dirty and flea-ridden puppy.

Is Love At First Sight Real? 10 People Who Felt It Reveal If Their Love Lasted

Turns out to be the best dog ever. That was 8 years ago! When our daughter was in college she and her best friend rented an apartment and the first thing she wanted was a pet. A dog was out of the question due to her work and school schedule. She loves cats but the apartment complex said the cat had to be de-clawed.

No way was I doing that to a kitten. We agreed she could have one if she found an older cat that was de-clawed. Took her 2 hours! This August, after graduating from college, she moved to Orlando to work for Disney. So, of course, the cat falls in love with my husband! Follows him around, kneads his stomach, basically moons over him. We are all a little miffed at this. Luckily the Jack Russell Terrier we adopted 12 years ago loves me!

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I jokingly call him my 3rd child. We went to a party at a friends lake property and came home with a puppy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartwarming story! I met the cat love of my life in an interesting way. I lived in a Halifax basement apartment with a big backyard. On one of the first warm days of Spring, I took a nap with the window open.

While I was sleeping, a young cat jumped into the window and curled up on my belly, purring! I put up signs around the neighbourhood but no one ever claimed her. So she moved in with me!

Love at first sight by Jeffrey Archer (audio short story)

My first pet of my own as an adult and the most wonderful companion. I named her Sadie Whitecoat. Sadie was a mystery. She had obviously been a stray for awhile…. I loved her so much! Love this! My husband loves cats, but always wanted to keep our limit at 2. One day he was on a walk in the neighborhood and saw a woman dumping an 8 week old kitten. That lasted roughly 24 hrs. I thought the same thing. I scrolled down to the photos at the end and was like…wait a second…not a calico.

Definitely not a calico!

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Lovely story, though!! My son is a cat lover, and I hope when he grows up he will end up with someone who will drive miles to get him the cat he falls in love with. Ya just turned a not so cat person into a teary eyed cat lover. This is the sweetest story. Thanks for making my day and for such a sweet reminder. I noticed this because I also have a giraffe onesie thanks to costume matching with my son! Happy Halloween :. Was Allesandra just grinning the whole time she painted it? It looks like one huge smile of a family portrait. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder of joy, love, hope, the magical power of animals — all of it.

Thank you for sharing! By early November I was already scrolling through rescue sites.