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ArtScroll English Editions. ArtScroll Hebrew Editions. The Parsha concludes with Hashem commanding Avram to circumcise himself and his offspring throughout the generations as a covenant between Hashem and his seed.

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Hashem changes Avram's name to Avraham, and Sarai's name to Sara. Hashem promises Avraham a son, Yitzhak, despite Avraham being ninety-nine years old and Sara ninety. On that day, Avraham circumcises himself, Yishmael and all his household. Commentaries Contents "Go for yourself There was a traveler who was journeying from place to place. He came upon a large mansion ablaze with light. He said, "Don't tell me that this mansion has no master! And if they say to me 'Zushia - why weren't you like the Magid of Mezrich?

That's not going to frighten me either - Look at me and look at the Magid of Mezrich! What frightens me is when they say to say to me 'Zushia! Why weren't you Zushia!? Zushia - that you could have been, why weren't you even that? However, it is our duty to maximize our talents, to push out to the very limits of our abilities so that we bring the root of our neshamos to flower. It is only in this way that we will be, at least, our own "Zushias. Please separate from me'" A person should always distance himself from partnerships, for they are the source of arguments and lashon hara.

Avraham and Lot did not start out fighting - it was their shepherds who fell out, and inevitably this led to Avraham asking Lot to separate from him! Two great rabbis of the previous generation, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein and Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetzky, were once seen standing beside the chauffeur-driven car which was to take them home, discussing which of them was going to get out of the car first. As Reb Moshe lived nearer, and would thus get out first, he got in the back and Reb Yaakov got in the front.

The reason for their discussion was that if Reb Moshe had sat in the front, when he exited, the driver would look like a chauffeur - and they were concerned for the dignity of the driver. The Baal Shem Tov explains that the descendants of Avraham are like stars. From our point of view the stars seem like insignificant specks of light, whereas in the heavens they are in reality whole universes. When you look at another person, realize that he is a star - not the Hollywood variety!

He may seem very small to you. He may not have achieved much in your eyes.

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But his potential is vaster than the trackless emptiness of space. When you see people in this light, you will behave towards them with great respect, and when you show others respect, they gain respect for themselves, and this in turn can give them the encouragement to fulfill their potential greatness and shine all the more brightly. As much dust as Avraham used, turned into swords Nachum Ish Gamzu was a man who's very name expressed his essence - whatever happened to him he would always say - "This is also for the good!

Nachum was chosen to travel to the Emperor and present him with a box filled with precious stones as tribute from the Jewish People.

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On the way, and unknown to Nachum, the jewels were switched with worthless dust. With great ceremony the 'jewels' were presented to the Emperor and slowly the box was opened in front of him The Emperor's rage knew no bounds at this unbelievable insult from the Jews. Suddenly, the prophet Eliyahu appeared in the guise of one of the Emperor's ministers and said: "Your Imperial Majesty, this must be the special dust that the Jews' forefather Abraham used to defeat the four kings as it says '