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Rudolf Steiner ; J.

Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double By Rudolf Steiner

Collis Oversetter. Paperback Leveringstid: Sendes innen 7 virkedager. Om boka. Ta kontakt med Kundesenteret. For peace in his inner life, man needs Self-knowledge in the Spirit. He finds himself in his Thinking, Feeling and Willing. He sees how Thinking, Feeling and Willing are dependent on the natural man. In all their developments, they must follow the health and sickness, the strengthening and weakening of the body.

Every sleep blots them out. Thus the experience of everyday life shows the spiritual consciousness of man in the greatest imaginable dependence on his bodily existence. Man suddenly becomes aware that in this realm of ordinary experience Self-knowledge may be utterly lost—the search for it a vain quest.

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Then first the anxious question arises: Can there be a Self-knowledge transcending the ordinary experiences of life? Can we have any certainty at all, as to a true Self of man? Anthroposophy would fain answer this question on a firm basis of spiritual experience. In so doing it takes its stand, not on any opinion or belief, but on a conscious experience in the Spirit—an experience in its own nature no less certain than the conscious experience in the body.

When we look out on lifeless Nature, we find a world full of inner relationships of law and order. We may now pass from this earthly connection which rules in all lifeless things, to contemplate the living world of plants. We see how the Universe beyond the Earth sends in from distances of space the forces which draw the Living forth out of the womb of the Lifeless. In all living things we are made aware of an element of being, which, freeing itself from the mere earthly connection, makes manifest the forces that work down on to the Earth from realms of cosmic space.

As in the eye we become aware of the luminous object which confronts it, so in the tiniest plant we are made aware of the nature of the Light from beyond the Earth. Through this ascent in contemplation, we can perceive the difference of the earthly and physical which holds sway in the lifeless world, from the extra-earthly and ethereal which abounds in all living things. We find man with his transcendent being of soul and spirit placed into this world of the earthly and the extra-earthly. Inasmuch as he is placed into the earthly connection which contains all lifeless things, he bears with him his physical body.

Inasmuch as he unfolds within him the forces which the living world draws into this earthly sphere from cosmic space, he has an etheric or life-body. The trend of science in modern times has taken no account of this essential contrast of the earthly and the ethereal. For this very reason, science has given birth to the most impossible conceptions of the ether. For fear of losing their way in fanciful and nebulous ideas, scientists have refrained from dwelling on the real contrast.

But unless we do so, we can attain no true insight into the Universe and Man. We may consider the nature of man in so far as it results from his physical and his etheric body. Consciousness is not lighted up but darkened when the activity of the physical and the etheric body is enhanced. Conditions of faintness and the like can be recognised as the result of such enhancement.


Following up this line of thought, we recognise that something is at work in man—and in the animal—which is not of the same nature as the physical and the etheric. It takes effect, not when the forces of the physical and the etheric are active in their own way, but when they cease to be thus active. In this way we arrive at the conception of the astral body. The reality of this astral body is discovered when we rise in meditation from the Thinking that is stimulated by the outer senses to an inner act of Vision.

To this end, the Thinking that is stimulated from without must be taken hold of inwardly, and experienced as such, intensely in the soul, apart from its relation to the outer world. Through the strength of soul thus engendered, we become aware that there are inner organs of perception, which see a spiritual reality working in the animal and man at the very point where the physical and the etheric body are held in check in order that consciousness may arise.

Consciousness, therefore, does not arise by a further enhancement of activities which proceed from the physical and etheric bodies. They do not generate consciousness, they only furnish the ground on which the Spirit must stand in order to bring forth consciousness within the earthly life.

Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts: Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge - The Michael Mystery

As man on Earth needs the ground on which to stand, so does the Spiritual, within the earthly realm, need a material foundation on which it may unfold itself. And as a planet in the cosmic spaces does not require any ground beneath it in order to assert its place, so too the Spirit, when it looks—not through the senses into material—but through its own power into spiritual things, needs no material foundation to call its conscious activity to life.

Consciousness arises when the forces of the physical and etheric bodies disintegrate these bodies, and thus make way for the Spiritual to enter into man. For through this disintegration is provided the ground on which the life of consciousness can develop. But you must not be idle about acquiring real knowledge of these things.

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Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double is a fascinating read. The forces that are at work behind the scenes are as old as the battle between good and evil themselves. This book looks down the time line, views work being accomplished in different eras under difficult circumstances and speaks easily on the topic of behind the scenes of external events. Steiner students have no such excuse.

Many other topics are tackled also. Here is a truncated run-down of subject matter. Lecture 1. The characterisation of science and spiritual science: scientific observation traces phenomena back to their origin and studies what is visible; the starting point for spiritual science is death and what happens thereafter in the spiritual world.

Resignation and courage to seek more knowledge when the outer limits are reached. Lecture 2. The time has come to reveal spiritual secrets. Increasing emphasis on materialism since the 16th century necessitates the search for spiritual knowledge today. How the spiritual world impinges on the physical. The faculty of love.

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Lecture 3. Human souls are now becoming conscious of much that formerly lay beyond consciousness. Some are concerned more with the spiritual world while others seek earthly power. The guidance of humanity in accordance with esoteric laws.

Secret Brotherhoods

Knowledge gained from souls who die of assassination. Lecture 4. The transformation of soul life during the course of time. Monothesism leads human beings only to their own angel. The battle in the spiritual world between and The spirits of darkness at work. The task of spiritual science. Lecture 5.

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The spirit cannot be comprehended by means of the concept of the unconscious. Where there is a spirit there is consciousness. Secret brotherhoods seek to use occult knowledge for their own ends. The zenith of materialism and experiencing the appearance of Christ in the etheric. To tackle evil consciously is a contemporary task. How spiritual and materialistic concepts work in the life after death, and how secret brotherhoods use this knowledge.

Lecture 6. The secret brotherhoods and spiritualism. Contradictions in life. A unifying universal principle and how certain spiritual individualities work.

Living reality and abstract lack of contradiction. Lecture 7. The old culture is gone and spiritual science points to the future.