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Traffic over the Causeway had doubled between , prompting calls for a new, larger bridge to be constructed on the site. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, both construction of the Narrows Bridge, and the Causeway were delayed until the mid s when development began for the third iteration of the Causeway bridges in Designed by E.

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Godfrey, they were only the second bridges in Australia to use steel composite construction, and required significant dredging to widen navigation channels either side of Heirisson Island, which was converted from two separate islands into the singular one we know today. The bridges have a combined length of metres and stand 19 metres wide. Because of steel and concrete shortages due to the war, the piles for the support columns were made of jarrah timber, not concrete, and the design avoided the use of costly steel plate girders wherever possible.

Pictured above, the current Causeway under construction, Due to the increasing congestion of traffic crossing the river each day, large roundabouts were built at both the eastern in and western in side of the Causeway to enable faster movements when entering and exiting the roadway. The construction of the Narrows bridge in helped ease traffic problem facing the Causeway as it enabled a secondary route into Perth from the south-eastern suburbs. In , the eastern roundabout was removed and replaced with a partial cloverleaf interchange to enable vehicles travelling north-south to traverse over the roadway without having to enter the stream of traffic heading east-west.

The bridges were designed to handle tramcars as the second iteration of the Causeway had operated electric tramcars for several decades prior but, due to public opinion, tram lines have not been installed as their overhead wires were considered ugly at the time.

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In , the opening of the Windan Bridge of the Graham Farmer Freeway had a significant effect on the daily amount of cars travelling across the Causeway. This enabled two of the bridges six lanes to be converted to dedicated bus lanes to enable a quicker public transport connection between the CBD and the Victoria Park Transfer Station.

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The third Causeway under construction in , with the second causeway still standing to the left. Clearly visible, the eastern roundabout is taking shape but the western won't be built for another two years. Supplied: National Library of Australia.

The Causeway Linking Perth's eastern suburbs to the city, the Causeway bridge has undergone several changes as it quickly became one of Perth's most crucial pieces of infrastructure. Ever since the establishment of the Swan River Colony, bridging the river to connect Perth's east and west has been a necessity. With the concept of the Causeway dating back to , the bridge itself is a hugely important historical structure for our city, and one that requires constant development in order to provide quick and free-flowing access to the CBD.

Take in the wild and dramatic views on this epic route along the Northern Ireland coast.

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On top of the ever-changing views of the rugged coastline this route encompasses three of Northern Ireland's most famous attractions. Another exhilarating place of interest is The Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge that was originally hung there by salmon fisherman to check their nets.

The walk across is safe but thrilling. No wonder why this castle was used as a shooting location for Game of Thrones.

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