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What i most like about the Nexus 5 is the optical image stabilization mode which prevents clicking shaking images and the embedding of NEXUS logo in the rear in the landscape mode.. What I like best is the price and that it will get android updates quickly.

Wireless charging is nice too! Its a really great phone.

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Cant wait for the new android. Awesome hardware too. Wish I could afford one right now I like the Nexus 5 for it's build, the pure android experience and of course value for money.. It's the best smartphone with solid performance in that price.. The Nexus 5 is an incredible smartphone that gives an extraordinary Android experience for regular clients, and a well disposed setup for Android designers and devotees. Eventually, the main downside to this smartphone is that its somewhat valued above the Nexus 4?

Generally, the Nexus 5 is marvelous, and far better for the price.

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What i like most about nexus 5 is the pure android experience, no bloatware and best hardware at a low cost. I really like this phone a lot. Nexus 5 is now equal on specs as the the current Android flagships but at a bargain price. The 5-inch p screen is what I like most about this phone. It's perfect for web browsing and viewing media.

What I like most about Nexus 5 is I am a fan of the unadulterated phone OS as well. AOSP and no carrier bloatware without the hassle of rooting and having a ROM that is inevitably going to have some bugs. I want this phone for my hubby! Okay, I'd take one too. Great review! And it has got all the features you need. Comparing to any other smartphone it has raised the bar higher and in freaking low price In this case, lets see if luck will bring it for free ;.

However, I was torn between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s and just kept my poor little bar phone to keep from making a choice I'd later regret. Now, after much research on the Nexus 5, I have discovered a solution that will suit me just fine. That's what i like most of nexus The whole Nexus,ryt from its name to it features and d fact tht it comes From Google.

Apart from the pure version of android compared to samsung which ultimately made it crappy through updates , heard lot about it. I have the n4 16gb..

I still have about 1. So in a few words you cant go wrong with either.. A step toward the future where you don't have to pay for a phone on a contract. This will give you total freedom from being locked into these phone companies. If you don't like the service you can leave. Imagine a market where people can go from carrier to carrier without a fee. The new design and speaker location enables perception of increased volume — more sound is directed towards my ears.

What I like most about the Nexus 5 is the different updates between the N4 : everything that was wrong gets better!

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What I like about the Nexus is that it has Android 4. The wireless charging is also a really good idea, just toss it on the charger for a couple hours after work. As a developer, I'd love to have one of these so I can test my responsive webdesign and css3 transform animations :. What I like most about the Nexus 5 is the screen, since it allows me to read more of my content and watch movies in HD.

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Also, I like the screen size, the camera which allows me to take superb pictures, processor and the choice of apps on the Play store. It has a great OS, which provides tons of functionality for the average user. I also like its design, since it feels premium and very personalised.


I like the speed of the processor, KitKat, the light weight of it, the feel of it and the size of the screen. What I like most about the Nexus 5 is the beautiful Google components of the phone and the crazy awesome price! I like the fact that it has dual microphones and it also has two different camera specs for the front and back.

Thanks for this great contest!!

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On the inside it has the goodness of a kitkat with speed and power to spare. A 5" full hd display and the list goes on. Its a dream come true for any android user. Definitely want one. What I like most about the Nexus 5 is the range of customization over an iPhone and the stock android. The change to the Camera is a really nice touch and the sample pictures look great.

Glad to see a good camera back on this series! The screen can be read in sunlight. If that's true, it's a huge thing, because my devices all suck in sunlight. The Enter Button isn't working for me? I enjoy reading MUO articles and reviews but it seems that their contest entry buttons fail for me more often than work. Joined the site and the button worked? I love the sleek look and the fact it runs the latest android version!

Combining the nexus 5 hardware with the Kitkat integration, i. Google on Google will make this just about the slickest software experience going. Hi end hardware at a unbeatable price. I can do what I want to do with my phone, not to be told what I want to do. I love the design of the phone overall, and the fact that it came with Kit Kat first is awesome :. I think it's cool and I like the Android better then the Iphone any-day, they are more useful and more durable!

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Great phone, great specs, no bloat. Only things I'm not crazy about is no SD and no replaceable battery. I like the entire Nexus philosophy. I've owned the N1 and now the N4. Looking forward to getting my hands on an N5. Pure Android Kitkat experience. No glitches ever. Butter smooth performance for this android fanboy :. I also like its design and total packaging!

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  • What I like most about the Nexus 5 is that this one might be free, as well as the wireless charging and NFC. I like the new features with Kitkat 4. It is just so cool to have one. I like the non-glass back! I also love that the phone doesn't have any branding on the screen glass! Its a huge pet peeve of mine. I dont like that theres no home button. This is in contrast to extreme or even ultimate awesomeness. Its awesomeness reaches the lofty level of supreme!

    I challenge one to find a phone worthy of competing with the Nexus 5! The CPU! The RAM!