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A budding sociopath, he then sets the duckling back in the water and watches it struggle to swim. The worst sequence in the film comes in the middle, where Dillon takes a woman and her two sons out for a picnic. In this scene — which has become instantly notorious on the Croisette — Dillon tells the boys that when shooting deer, you must target the smaller fauns before picking off the mother.

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Once they are slain, Dillon lays the boys on the picnic cloth and forces their distraught mother to spoon-feed them lunch, then goes after her, too. Already a subscriber?

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Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. I believe heaven and hell are one and the same. The soul belongs to heaven, and the body to hell.

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The soul is the reason, and the body is all the dangerous things. The further the film goes along the more demented Jack becomes, and the more demented Jack becomes the clearer he devolves into an avatar for his creator. This film is not an evil act. This is an exploration and a meditation of evil. He paused. Let me go back.

Nobody was harmed making this movie. If anything, Dillon thinks that people might be helped by watching it. Case in point: When von Trier made a comment about Hitler at that Cannes press conference, he was banned. The Second Amendment? Not so much. In wide-rimmed glasses, and with his slab of a face cracked by gormless puzzlement, Dillon is excellent in the role of the uncomfortable Jack: a neurotic blunderer who manages to kill over 60 people only because he is so absurdly lucky and the local police are so absurdly inept — and, perhaps, because the world is a fundamentally uncaring place.

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I suspect that more people will be put off by the lengthy seminars than they will by the sadism and gore. Verge is bored and annoyed by these studenty musings, and many viewers will be, too. Culture Menu. Share on Facebook.

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