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Simply, it gave me back the joy of living life to the fullest. But there were two most important things I learned: one was that it is on me how to handle things that happen to me and how I want to react on them.

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Second was, that I could trust in life! Nothings happens for no reason. That was the time when the deep desire urge grow to pass that feeling of inner peace and freedom on and when I made the most radical choice I made so far: I quite my law studies to become a Yoga teacher. It took me two years to find the for me right teacher and I went to his Ashram to get taught by him.

I literally cried my eyes out! By now I taught over more then students, from age of 5 to People from more then 16 countries and 4 continents. People from all different kinds of backgrounds and with different lifestyles. I taught Surf-Yoga classes constituted for the muscles we need for surfing, traditional Hatha Yoga classes to build up strength and keep our body and mind balanced and healthy, Yin Yoga classes to reach into the deep muscle and fascia areas to clean the whole system from stored away emotions and traumas, Yoga Nidra classes to deeply relax and Yoga Retreats like an Anti Stress and Burnout Prevention Retreats to learn how to deal with the busyness of life and to stay healthy after all.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many beautiful souls doing what I love the most: sharing a way that had helped me before too. You learn to listen to your heart, to trust the intuition and to accept what is. As a bonus you will have a healthy body being in balance of strength and flexibility. I can honestly say that I love what I do. That teaching Yoga is more than a just job for me and that I am now the happiest version of myself. You make it worth it! That is why Wild Spirit Yoga is the expression of my life.

How it begun… I can still remember my first Yoga class. I just was not ready back then… My parents taught me how to appreciate the smallest things in life; how to be a happy and healthy human being. What Yoga did to my life… Yoga showed me a way back to my roots, back to my inner self. Tags: anti burnout , meditation , positive stressmanagement , Retreats , Surfyoga , Yoga , Yoga and surf , Yoga philosophy , Yogaretreats.

Next Post The benefits of Yoga. Why a Yoga Retreat? January My insecurities — what are yours? December Mindfulness Putting business school on hold she began a journey of self inquiry. In that process, she found herself directed to yoga. Desiring a heart led life that her yoga practice invited, she began making healthier choices and felt the positive results. Not only were the physical aspect of yoga a prescription for a healthier, more supple body but she soon discovered breath, self awareness, inner stillness, and a radiance that she had not known before. Alex wanted to share her experience with others and began the journey of yoga teacher training.

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In January she went back and completed her hour training with Jhon T. Since then she has immersed herself in learning and has done additional trainings with teachers she felt would expand her offerings as a teacher and encourage personal development. She has completed several trainings with Mark White, a senior Baptiste teacher at MBody Yoga in Jacksonville Florida including a hour and hour advanced teacher training.

She has completed level 1 hours with Baron Baptiste and the art of assist program within that community. She also completed a hour training with Budokon yoga and martial arts as well as a hour training Bryan Kest power yoga. She has attended many other workshops and events with other well respected teachers such as Larissa Carlson, Ana Forrest, and Seane Corn, and Dylan Warner. Her passion is guiding people creatively and safely into their bodies and personal experience through aligned and purposeful movement.

She works well with all levels of fitness.

Reflective of the beautiful process of yoga and its many benefits Alex continues to study with Tiffany Cruikshank and the Yoga Medicine community and is currently working towards her hour Yoga Medicine certification and will continue on towards the hour program. Alex McCullough is certified instructor with more than hours of various trainings and certifications, she is diverse and dynamic with a huge passion and heart for yoga, community, learning, and sharing.

Greg began practicing yoga many years ago to help correct the damage he did to his body from smoking. It helped immensely, after a few months he was off of the medications that were prescribed to him and he was breathing normal. The style of yoga he was doing no longer fit, so he put his practice on hold for awhile and worked as a personal trainer.

He needed to return a few years later to improve his flexibility and balance and to correct some injuries, whiplash included. Greg was directed to Orlando Power Yoga where they taught Baptiste style Vinyasa, he came with an open mind and a healthy enthusiasm.

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He discovered that this style of practice feels great and resonates with him a feeling of home. Greg has seen amazing improvements in his body, whiplash gone, much less injuries and better posture as well. Greg decided to become a yoga instructor after receiving so many awesome gifts yoga has freely given him. He realized it was time to give back to his community that which he has gratefully received. He continued on the path and in October he became an enthusiastic, powerful, and mindful Baptiste Yoga Instructor. He has studied with many big named Yogi's in that time, but he resides true that Baptiste Power Vinyasa is his home.

When we come to our mat with willingness and acceptance, compassion and enthusiasm, we walk away with a new found freedom. Ultimately we discover a power within strong enough to create change not only in ourselves, but in every person we come into contact with. She has an integrative approach to wellness, fitness and holistic healing. In , she moved to Orlando to complete her undergraduate degree in Communications at the University of Central Florida. After one year of working in the corporate setting, she realized she was destined for a "hands on" way to help people improve their lives.

Cortney had been working at the YMCA in the marketing and membership while teaching indoor cycling and personal training. After attending one yoga class, it was clear to her that there was an alternative route to emotional and physical wellness. She received her formal teacher certification with Integrative Yoga in and Power Pilates Level 1 in Every "body" she encounters receives a specialized treatment, often a combination yoga of all levels, acupuncture, Thai yoga and chinese massage, cupping, pranayama breath work and meditation.

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She has lead Yoga and Pilates trainings all over Costa Rica. She was commissioned by royal family in Saudi Arabia to lead individual sessions with the princesses and Pilates teacher trainings for the fitness staff at Yibreen in Riyahd. Yoga brings brings mindfulness to movement and with diligence can create a peaceful existence on and off the mat. Yoga is a discipline of integrating mind, body and soul. Live well, breathe deep and love deeper. Every day is a gift from God.

I can only hope to positively influence and inspire each soul I meet along life long journey of natural healing. Siva - Yoga / Exercise & Fitness: Books

When she is not in the studio teaching or practicing yoga or the treatment room, you can bet she is riding her horse or working on her family's horse rescue farm or surfing somewhere along the Florida coastline. Reider Howe started his yoga experience somewhere around the age of 16 in In that experience he realized that he needed to work on his physical fitness because despite his youth he couldn't get through 20 minutes of the tape.

Through this book and the practices depicted there Reider learned a lot of difficult balances meditation and poses. Over the next decade plus Reider has stuck with a dedicated personal yoga practice from many different sources like; Bikram, Hatha, and Power Yoga.

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It was not until when he decided to take his yoga dedication to the next level and learn to teach. By that time Orlando Power Yoga came into Reider's life and he really got a perspective on how much the quality yoga experience of excellent teachers, community, and pushing self to one's edge could advance one's life. It was only his intent to take the same training other teachers at OPY had taken but instead he was offered a possibility of a job and additional guidance from seasoned instructors.

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  6. Feeling inspired by what he saw within this system and the community around it he decided to dedicate himself to the Budokon martial arts. Yoga and Budokon have brought me health, love, community, perspective, mental fortitude, and a deeper appreciation for life. Yoga can be in everything you do when you bring it into your life.