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The Hebrew text is correct in counting as one Ps. Liturgical usage would seem to have split up these and several other psalms. Zenner combines into. A choral ode would seem to have been the original form of Pss.

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The two strophes and the epode are Ps. It is noteworthy that, on the breaking up of the original ode, each portion crept twice into the Psalter : Ps. Other such duplicated portions of psalms are Ps. This loss of the original form of some of the psalms is allowed by the Biblical Commission to have been due to liturgical practices, neglect by copyists, or other causes; the Septuagint, present in Eastern Orthodox churches, includes a Psalm Some versions of the Peshitta include Psalms — There are the Psalms of Solomon , which are a further 18 psalms of Jewish origin originally written in Hebrew, but surviving only in Greek and Syriac translation; these and other indications suggest that the current Western Christian and Jewish collection of psalms were selected from a wider set.

Hermann Gunkel's pioneering form-critical work on the psalms sought to provide a new and meaningful context in which to interpret individual psalms—not by looking at their literary context within the Psalter, but by bringing together psalms of the same genre from throughout the Psalter. Gunkel divided the psalms into five primary types: Hymns, songs of praise for God's work in creation or history, they open with a call to praise, describe the motivation for praise, conclude with a repetition of the call.

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Two sub-categories are "enthronement psalms", celebrating the enthronement of Yahweh as king, Zion psalms, glorifying Mount Zion , God's dwelling-place in Jerusalem. Gunkel described a special subset of " eschatological hymns" which includes themes of future restoration or of judgment. Communal laments. Both communal and individual laments but not always include the following elements: address to God, description of suffering, cursing of the party responsib.

Mozart's Grand Mass in C Minor K.427/417a

Singspiel A Singspiel is a form of German-language music drama, now regarded as a genre of opera. It is characterized by spoken dialogue, alternated with ensembles, songs and arias which were strophic , or folk-like. Singspiel plots are comic or romantic in nature, include elements of magic, fantastical creatures, comically exaggerated characterizations of good and evil; some of the first Singspiele were miracle plays in Germany , where dialogue was interspersed with singing.

By the early 17th century, miracle plays had grown profane, the word "Singspiel" is found in print, secular Singspiele were being performed, both in translated borrowings or imitations from English and Italian songs and plays, in original German creations. In the 18th century, some Singspiele were translations of English ballad operas.

In , the Prussian ambassador to England commissioned a translation of the ballad opera The Devil to Pay; this was performed in the s in Hamburg and Leipzig. A further version of this was made by Johann Adam Hiller and C. By contrast, German translations of contemporary Italian opere buffe , which were quite successful in England and France at the time, were less frequent. Singspiele were considered middle-to-lower class entertainment — as opposed to the predominantly aristocratic genres of opera and stage play — and were performed by traveling troupes, rather than by established companies within metropolitan centers.

Hoffmann , who admired him, composed Singspiele, such as Liebe und Eifersucht in In , Kurt Weill created a new word, "Songspiel". Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians , "Singspiel.

A longer and more formal title for the edition is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Still being published are the Critical Reports — technical commentaries in German. One of the editorial directors, Wolfgang Rehm , writes that "The NMA aims to be a historical-critical edition and to offer as such the latest state of philological-musicological procedure as well as practical knowledge of Mozart's creative production. At the same time, the NMA is not free of problems, although to most observers these do not detract from the scholarly achievement that this edition represents.

In editing The Marriage of Figaro for the NMA, which appeared in , Ludwig Finscher was only able to access the first two acts of the autograph score. In editing the Piano Concerto No. Along similar lines, Landon comments that "recently discovered ms. Neumann finds some of the ornamentation regarding vocal cadenzas, while some of it is in his view misjudged. ISBN NY: Schirmer Books , NY: Schirmer Books, Wolfgang Rehm. See pp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Davide penitente Cantata by W. Cliff Eisen and Simon P.

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Keefe Cambridge: Cambridge University Press , , 59— Masses and other sacred music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. G major, K. Kyrie in F major, K. Twelfth Mass attributed to W. God is our Refuge , K. Vesperae solennes de Dominica , K. Acis und Galatea , K. Caecilia , K. Maurerische Trauermusik , K. Ave verum corpus Mozart. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Mozart c. Anonymous portrait of the child Mozart, possibly by Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni ; painted in on commission from Leopold Mozart. Its purpose was "to support retired musicians and their families".

Florian Gassmann, engraving from by Johann Balzer. Haydn as portrayed by Ludwig Guttenbrunn. The portrait dates from c. Posthumous portrait of Mozart by Barbara Kraft , after originals painted in his lifetime. The Book of Psalms, commonly referred to simply as Psalms or "the Psalms", is the first book of the Ketuvim, the third section of the Hebrew Bible, and thus a book of the Christian Old Testament.

Psalm 10 11 in the 9th-century Utrecht Psalter , where the illustration of the text is often literal. David Playing the Harp by Jan de Bray , Cambridge University Press is the publishing business of the University of Cambridge.

Granted letters patent by King Henry VIII in , it is the world's oldest publishing house and the second-largest university press in the world. The University Printing House, on the main site of the press. The fine initial with the king's portrait inside it and the large first line of script are still discernible.

The Pitt Building in Cambridge, which used to be the headquarters of Cambridge University Press, and now serves as a conference centre for the Press. Mozart composed part of the Requiem in Vienna in late , but it was unfinished at his death on 5 December the same year. The beginning of the Dies irae in the autograph manuscript, with Eybler 's orchestration. In the upper right, Nissen has left a note: "All which is not enclosed by the quill is of Mozart's hand up to page Constanze in , portrait by Hans Hansen.

Mass is a term used to describe the main eucharistic liturgical service in many forms of Western Christianity. The Elevation of the host. Librettist : The author of the sung or spoken text for a vocal work, shown only if explicitly included in the database. Ashkenazy" or " Covent Garden". Subwork Names : For works having subworks included in the database, a listing of the subworks is given which may be a selective or incomplete list.

Subwork line items are indented deeper than are works. Subworks are listed sorted first by the contents of Opus and then by Subwork Name, then by Version. Subworks names may pertain to overlapping sections of the work. For example, when one recording includes an entire act whereas another recording includes only an aria excerpted from that act, these "subworks" of the work overlap.

Subwork names may be repeated under a work if there are more than one version listed for that subwork. Only information that differs from the parent work is included. Agnus Dei I Palestrina Sicut cervus Palestrina Alla riva del Tebro Palestrina Missa pro defunctis.

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Requiem aeternam Di Lasso Bon jour, mon coeur Di Lasso Bon jour, mon coeur Phillips Allon, gay, gay Costeley Exurge, domine De Kerle O vos omnes De Victoria Non vos relinquam Byrd Christ rising again Byrd Hic est beatissimus Nanini Toccata Merulo Passamezzo antico Ammerbach Variations Picchi Madonna mia gentil Marenzio Ecce quomodo Handl In ecclesiis G.

Gabrieli pt. L'acceso Gastoldi My bonny lass Morley Io pur respiro Gesualdo Stay, cruel, stay Danyel Quia vidisti me Hassler Ach Schatz Hassler Factus est Aichinger When David heard Tomkins Hark, all ye lovely saints Weelkes O Lord, increase my faith Gibbons This is the record of John Gibbons pt. Alla riva del Tebro Palestrina. Carlo Filago Ego sum qui sum, A 4. Singing poetry in Renaissance Florence : the "cantasi come" tradition Table of Contents: Read more Two masses.

Missa "Quand io pens" Missa "Quinti toni" Seven sacred motets. I know a young maiden O lady fair Ah could my eyes behold thee Two masses. Cantate Domino. Scarlatti Salve Regina D. Mozart lirico : libretti e testi di musica vocale. Table of Contents: Read more Il barbiere di Siviglia.

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Una voce poco fa Italiana in Algeri. Cruda sorte! Fac ut portem Semiramide.

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